CCC - Character Compounding Contest! (Round Four Complete: Hugh, Cath, and Lysithea!)

Last minute reminder; the CCC ends tomorrow!

So far, I have 49 entries from 15 people. Wow! You guys submitted a ton of mugs! So many to choose from!

Round 1: 44 entries submitted by 21 contestants.

Round 2: 21 entries submitted by 13 contestants.

Round 3: 34 entries submitted by 14 contestants.

Round 4: 49 entries submitted by 15 contestants. The biggest round yet!

I’ll probably post the poll tomorrow or the next day. I’ve been utterly slammed with updating the repo, plus tonight is my writing night, so I might be late by a day.

If you have any last minute submissions, post them now!

Not sure what the CCC is? Click me!

Hey guys! The time for accepting new CCC entries has ended! We had more submissions than in any past contest, period. That’s a big deal. I think the entries this time are all extremely competitive, so to be honest, I do not see any obvious winner! Let’s do our best and fight hard!

This poll will end on the 17th of April, 72ish hours from now! If there is a tie, I will let it run for one more day. If there is still a tie after that, I will perform a tiebreaker round with one vote per contestant. If there is STILL a tie, I’ll flip a dang coin.

The poll is up!

Vote for as many entries as you want! Pick your favorite or favorites!

See you in three days.

Wait, 17th of February, aren’t we on April?

Yep! That’s what I said!


Klok seems to be very bad at dates TBH.

Interesingly enough, CCC has condensed. We have a set number of people that contribute to each one, but they contribute more and more!

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Okay, everyone! We’ve reached the end of Day Three, and the results are in! With 35 people having put their answers in, and with 23 points in total, @RedBean wins the fourth round of the Character Compounding Contest! I was not sure at all who would win this round, and as it turns out, Redbean squeaked out a win by a mere three points! This was a close contest for sure!

As such, Redbean has chosen two of the next three characters for Round 5: They will be…
Nino from FE7.
Jaffar from FE7.

I am going to be taking names from people! I would like to add a third character, non-GBA to the next round. This round, we had Lysithea. But who will we add for Round 5? Everyone may submit two names! The characters can be male or female, your choice. Post them, and I will compile a poll in a day or two to determine which will be Round 5’s third character!

Anyway, here are the full and final results after 35 people voted with 146 votes in total.

Redbean, with 23 points.

N426 with 20 points.

Levin64 with 14 points.

Vilkalizer also with 14 points. You guys have no idea what a pain in the ass it was making that compilation sheet into a gif so the animated Lysithea could be animated. I spent three hours on it.

Its_Just_Jay with 13 points.

Wasdye with 9 points.

CanDy also with 9 points.

Spoon_Rhythm with 8 points.

Doot with 7 points.

JeyTheCount also with 7 points.

Kanna with 6 points.

Dolkar with 6 points.

RandomWizard with 5 points.

JiroPaiPai with 3 points.

CapibaraInSpace with 2 points. I assume this result was because Capi’s sprite didn’t echo Cath’s personage very well, but as a sprite I think it’s really great!

I will take the next day or two to collect names for a quick FEU poll. What non-GBA characters do you guys want to see in future CCC rounds? For clarification, my goal it to have at least one, preferably 2 of the three characters in each CCC round be non-GBA where possible.

I would also like the characters chosen to either not have mugs in the repo yet (We’re trying to get mugs made for characters that don’t have F2U/E versions) or if they do have mugs, to not have very many mugs. Marth isn’t a good choice, as one example, because we have tons of good Marth mugs already. Same for Ike and similar characters.

So, go ahead. Suggest characters! I’ll put up a poll once I have a sufficient number collected.

Great work, everyone! Fun CCC round!


Homer and Miranda from Thracia 776, Jugdral really needs more love

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Oh   my   god. Please wait for me to compile my crap in the future, i can probably manage it in two.

I am shocked and personally offended that only four other people voted for the extremely cursed bald Hugh, smh at all you uncultured philistines

Voting Hardin and Nyna - we’ve had one guest from the latest entry so we might as well get back to basics with the next one.


I’m going to be adding rules to round 5 about compiling people’s many mugs onto sheets for me. Frankly, taking so much time just to assemble the contest entries is draining me, which also slows me down on actually important stuff, like running and fixing the repo. Let alone all my other projects.

FEU’s busiest member right here.


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“Whatever happened to that guy? Did he die?”


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The self awareness that they are in a child-friendly show was hilarious.

Still taking 2x character requests, as per my post above.

Received so far:
Female Kris
Beck from FE1

The more characters I get nominated, the more I’ll have ready for future rounds.

Dolph and Macellan.
Yes, I’m that cruel.

I’m going with Sonya and Deen from FE2/15

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Wow, that’s a good idea for an entire round.

It would be, but like in SoV you’re gonna have to pick one :trollface:

Chad and Dieck

Guys, you wouldn’t believe! Hilarious!
Heroes just released a trailer with… baby Ephraim and Eirika.
So …
Which of you is the IS spy?

Alright. Here are the votes. I believe I set it so you can vote for 1-4 characters. Inb4 I’m proven wrong. Pick your favorite four and we’ll see who the community likes most!

In the event of a tie, I’ll flip a coin. You have two days to vote!

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