Causing Equipable Staff to do magic damage

I’ve made a magic book that can heal allies like a staff when used as an item though the Equipable Staff Byte instead of the Magic damage byte in nightmare. I noticed now that this byte causes the book to deal physical damage (It targets Def.)when used as a weapon. Would it possible for someone to write a fix for that?

It’s a bitmap, so you need to set it to the value that tells it it does magic damage AND is a weapon AND is a staff. Look at some of the existing magic tomes compared to swords to get an idea.

Yeah, I tried that. But you’ll have to set the weapon ability 1 as staff or equipable staff to get experience from healing with it. Setting it as a staff you’ll can’t attack with it as well. An equipable staff makes attacking possible AND getting experience from healing as well but deals physical damage.

As far as I can tell, setting Weapon Ability 1 to 0x07 (magic staff) does exactly what you want it to. There may be some graphical errors when using the R button, however.

Hahaha, just noticed that I dosen’t have bit 0x07 in my weapon ability list :joy:
This fixes it perfectly, thanks a lot.