Cathreen's sprite mix

Hi, I’m Cathreen and I’ve been making sprites for a bit now but hadn’t quite got around to making a topic until now. I’ve been here and there from time to time in feu and I usually post a variety of nintendo stuff on tumblr/twitter. I do always end up going back to fire emblem though…

GBA portraits(F2U):
Flavia sprite sheet
Lucina mia sprite sheet
Charlotte sprite sheet 2
Leo sprite sheet 3
Lachesis sprite sheet
Larcei sprite sheet

Pink armour knight girl but not wendy i swear
Lance helmet edit 2

Other fire emblem sprites and animations:
Eirika feh sprite
H sophia sprite
Gatekeeper animation 2
Lilina doesn't burn her hand somehow

Old stuff(F2U):
2021 Alm and Celica sprites

Please credit me if you use my sprites, thanks.

(okay ngl i may or may not, not know how to format this properly) (update its been like 5 months and i still haven’t figured it out so whoops)


And now I can get to the stuff I’ve been working on recently.
Charlotte sprite sheet 2
I always end up liking the units with high crit rates, so you can imagine how my conquest run went once I got a killer axe.


That Eirika looks pretty coolio, I like the background too


Really cool things around here.

The gatekeeper anim. is so cute, i love it.


Wow, really good art, the animations are especially cute. Is the second portrait supposed to be Mia in Lucina’s outfit? If so, that’s a neat reference. I can only encourage you to keep doing such good work!


Wooh, I really like all of these sprites, they look really great. The gatekeeper anim is especially nice and cute. Also, we can never have too much Flavia content, that portrait you did looks excellent.


Thanks, and yep that is Mia in Lucina’s outfit. I did it for the CCC back in July since they’re harmonized heroes in feh.


Forgot to put it here earlier but here’s the Lance helmet edit I made for the previous CCC.
Lance helmet edit 2
I based it mostly off the helmet he wears in the manga for his intro fight and literally nowhere else… truly earlygame bandits must be the most fierce foes.


I’ve also got another fates sprite to share, this time with Leo.
Leo sprite sheet 3
I swear if I draw any more conquest characters I’m going to have to give in and play it again.


Oof, can’t believe I’ve been called out like this.

Anyway sprite catchup:
Lachesis sprite sheet
Larcei sprite sheet
Some stuff from a few CCC’s ago. (Looking at these again reminded me I do really want to play fe4…)

And while I’m here
Lilina doesn't burn her hand somehow
Have a Lilina sprite as well.


These two look cute and fit right into the GBA artstyle. Good job!


Oop, I may have forgotten to post this here on Christmas.
Christmas Lissa final 200%
It’s fine it’s still December…