Carcino's Civil War


'Bout time I post this on here; I’ve had this on SF for many months. Wanted to wait until I got v2.0 done. And well, it’s done, so…


What is Carcino’s Civil War?

Carcino’s Civil War is a FE7 ROM hack that takes inspiration from Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones. It takes place in Carcino, the growing mercantilist country, 3 years prior to the events of FE8. You will follow Gerik’s mercenary crew as he quickly becomes involved in a plot of deception, politics, and manipulation.

This hack is fully custom outside of borrowing some portraits and characters from FE8. New maps, new story, and new characters await you!



Q: Why are Joro’s growths so good?

A: Play Chapter 2.

Q: What is X song?

A: Read the README.

Q: [insert question about inconsistency with FE8’s story]

A: If there is a major inconsistency I’ll look into it, but lining up the story with FE8’s perfectly isn’t particularly important to me. This is more of a fanfiction based loosely off of FE8’s setting and characters.

Other Information:

Carcino’s Civil War is fully planned out, script-wise. The hack is planned to have seven chapters total.

If you’d like to support this project, PM me. I especially struggle with writing, as it’s not really my forte.

I’m open to questions and criticisms!


Keepin’ it simple. I like it.


Well, the difficulty is ok, some palettes must be adjusted to match each other (some faces use FE7 palette and other FE8 palette) and the maps can be improved.

And one thing that is bugging me, is that Zabba wasn’t executed on FE8 (or rather, before FE8 takes place). According to Gerik and Saleh support conversation, Saleh killed Zabba in battle.
Aside from that, it’s pretty good.


I’m aware that Saleh killed Zabba in battle. Don’t worry, all will be explained in due time.


Gerik gets his scar from a battle with Garcia he had early in his career. Does this take place before that?


No. I put his scar back, because coming up with an explanation for that would be a mess. These screenshots are outdated.


I would mention that in the OP to avoid confusion.


Or I could just make new ones. BRB.

EDIT: done


The final version is coming soon, everyone. Expect a release sometime in the first half of this year.


Yay for more hacks for me to play :thumbsup:


(9 months later)
Good ol FEU
More stuff to play is A-Okay