Capibara´s Free to use Mugs

Hi everyone! Capibara here. I´m copying my serenes splices over here since I figured it could be of use to some of you.

All of these are free to use, just give credit. I´ll be updating as long as I complete new mugs.

Ps: A couple of these use NICKT´s assets, thanks!


UPDATE: New Mugs!

Ahti Beatrice Donovan Isolda

Nuallan Omen Rin Sandoval

Santoro Wallafrid Aymara


Shoutouts to @feels! for their work on the eye/mouth frames. I would have never finished them without help.


They look super cool!

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Thanks! A lot of time, tears and blood went into them.

Men is awesome

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Would you mind providing links for separate images, as opposed to the collage?

Sure, I’ll do that when I get back home.

That’s great, thanks

Updated with individual files.

this is my new favorite fire emblem mug tbh


they are over great and i saw 3 characters in them i thought gotta have them this one i saw she is maybe looks like she is a tough girl maybe a nomad or a merc

this guy the first time i saw him he look just like my shaman i made
oooh this one i just fell in love with her

and the girl with the blue she is a pirate isn’t she i saw her and i was looking for a girl like her maybe with more Feminine looks she will be great

above all its just great

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Updated with new free to use mugs!


Looking good!

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Hey @CapibaraInSpace you go make someone new Mugs?

I present you The Vestal from Darkest Dungeon! (free to use)


My two favourite Stress inducing games, FE and DD!


Now all that’s left is for someone to implement a stress system that kills your protagonist from a chain heart attack once your healer gets oneshotted by that 1% crit ;_;


Would you wanna do some sprites for me if your available?

I don´t have much time sorry, but feel free to pm me your request/project just in case I´m able to help

Are these mugs F2E?

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Those 2 are my favourite.
Absolutly on point. Solid,original and creative.


Yes they are!

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