Can't open the Spell Animation Inserter

I had some problems open it before, but I got it to work and inserted the wind spell animation from the archieve at 0x40. After using the Spell Association Module I the game crashes, when the Animation should start. I thought that I maybe did something wrong when I inserted it but I was unable to open any tool in FEditor. After fixing the checksum the tools worked fine, except for the Spell Animation Inserter.
The cmd says, that the Rom was hacked outside FEditor and the pointer array has been relocated. FEditor can’t handle this properly since the array size is unkown.
I’m guessing it’s because I put the animation at 0x40, so does anyone know how to fix it?

Did you save changes after inserting Wind at 0x40?

I’m pretty sure the game crashes if it tries to load something not in the game. The spell animation is still treated as not being in the game if it isn’t saved.

I’m pretty sure I saved it but knowing me I COULD forgotten it. Is there any way to check this besides the SAI?

Could it be because FEditor lists no Free Space in its Debug Output?

I checked things up again and found out that the GBA graphics editor is the problem. I started with a new rom and checked every step I made again and after using the editor the Spell Inserter won’t open no matter what.

Funny though that my old rom and a fresh rom didn’t have problems with it at all.

Is your rom’s size an even multiple of 4?
Try opening up FEditor, saving without doing anything, closing it, then re-opening it and checking if that fixes it.

That was my thinking at the beginning. But it dosen’t worked for me.

I solved it myself now. I started again from a fresh rom and repointed the weapon icon sheet elsewhere.

I do find it odd that the same graphic screwed up on insertion. Sorry we couldn’t help, Sephie ._.

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