Can't get AI to use door keys

I’m trying to make it so enemies in a certain chapter will move and attemp to use door keys. But they’re not. Is there a certain AI configuration I have to do to make them ue keys?

I made sure to enable door keys on THIS menu too. But it still doesn’t work.

Iirc ai will only use door keys as a last resort. Try setting ai2 to do nothing or not move.

I tried both 03=Do not move and 08=-[no text], and neither works. The enemy just stands in place.

I think it will only use them if ai1 and ai2 don’t decide on anything

And what combination of AI 1 and 2 can I use to make it do that?

I haven’t actually ever tried to set up a non-thief enemy to open doors, but they may need the target treasure and villages AI to open doors. If you don’t want them to open the door right away, you may need to set up an event that changes the AI after whatever happens that you want them to start opening doors.

This happens in vanilla, have you referenced that? Even if you’re using skillsys, I think the weird unlocking bug only affects units with Cunning/Pick