Canas's Revenge: Single Chapter Randomness


This is my first attempt at a ROMHACK. It’s of FE7 and it’s pretty random so. Also tell me if you can beat it.


Don’t share roms, please, because it’s illegal. Make a .ups patch using NUPS or some other program and upload that.


Sorry I’ll have a patch up in a second.


That’s alright.

I gave it a shot. As you might expect, it’s not that great. But hey, it’s your first hack, and we all have to start somewhere.

The map is extremely large and tile-spammy. I hadn’t even started playing yet and I was already turned off. Why is there a path of mountains that you need to cross before you can do anything at all? Give this a read.

That’s actually about all the critique I’ve got because I didn’t get very far; Sonia appeared and one-shot all my units, and that was that. Didn’t feel like going through those mountains to get to the villages. The event where Canas says something and soldiers spawn kept repeating itself for a few turns; I’m not sure if that was intentional.

That being said, you inserted a map, changed some text, did your own events… it’s a good start. Keep going!


I had originally made it to tick off my friends. As for the mountains I had chosen the wrong tile set and brought a laptop to work on it somewhere with no internet access so that’s the only one I had.