Can you make rally's like they have in fire emblem awakening?

i wanna make a bard and i was thinking it would be cool if he could buff units in some sort of way like the rally worked in fire emblem awaking but in fe7 if so can you please help me

I consider it is too hard for a newbie. You’ll have to make the rally skill and the fitting command via ASM (Has somebody ever made a custom command, by the way?) I would start with the dancer rings and ASM them to act like a rally skill. The rings a basicly very close to a rally skill, all you need to do is reproc them, so they give every Unit in range the bonus and maybe edit the Bonus itselft.
But I’ll highly doubt it’s easy. Anyway you need high ASM skills for this.

cough it was my tech demo for FEE3 2015?

I could make a rally command but the difficulty in it is that you’d need a place to store the rally. Which means editing a loooooooooot of stuff, or using the pure water nibble. Which actually might not be so bad since you can use the 4 bits to indicate what stat is rally’d, and change the end of turn routine to clear it instead of decrement it. Still, this limits you to having only 4 unique rallys.

thx for the help guys ill probably just do the dancer rings or wait on that idea till i understand hacking a little more since its so hard but thanks vfor all the help