Can someone help me

Can someone commission two of my portraits I want willing to do anything for both of them to be made.

Can you give a description of them?

lemme find a twitter art scam bot to copy paste about DMing me to do so
(Also, there’s a Commissions thread that details people who are accepting commissions)

You can usually get a portrait done by someone without paying if it’s simple enough and you catch them at a good time, though.

Could u make ladros from Black Clover he’s a really funny looking villain with a stupid grin. I will be willing to pay for it.

Is this the guy?

yes are u willing to do it

I’m not used to this type of portrait but I could try

that’s fine

Is there a perticular way you imagined it?

Just in a normal GBA Portrait style. If you can’t do Mouth frames that’s fine.

Ok I’ll see what I can do and think of prices. I’ll dm you about these once ready

sounds good

U know anyone who is free?

Like when I mean free I mean like they are able to do it because u know there are some people who are kinda busy at the moment. I do have one more guy I wish someone could commission but right now I’m just waiting to the results of the first guy.

Alright here I am sorry this took so long but is this still available?

yes, its still available