Can someone help me with this problem?

So I started a rom hack and got to the point of making my first map and messed with events to make it. I didn’t change much aside from the ennemis, player characters, positioning and removing the Seth has less hp thing but now as soon as eirika receives the rapier the game softlocks while the game tries to load O’Neil’s dialogue. Can someone help with this problem or give me an explanation?

Are they walking through impassible terrain? Is it referring to characters that don’t exist? Have you checked the CALLed sub events?

I can only guess at problems like this. Please send a report7z (see febuilder thread for details).

The walking through terrain thing has been fixed my guess is that it’s trying to do something with O’Neil who doesn’t exist but I don’t know how to fix that. I’ll try to bring him back in to see if that’s it.

Just as a general piece of advice, if you name your topic something that actually pertains to the problem you’re having (In this case, maybe something like “Prologue event modifications causing game crash”?), it will be more likely to draw the attention of people that will be able to help you, since they’ll be able to more immediately get a general idea of the type of problem you’re having!

I’ll admit I’m not super well-versed in event editing yet, but it crashing when trying to load O’Neill’s dialogue does seem to imply it’s something to do with him. If you removed him from the map, you should also make sure you’ve gone over any event commands that do something with him, as his absence would obviously create issues there.

Thanks for the advice

Update yes the game was in fact looking for O’Neill so I just need to find the event and remove it