Can someone fix this poor guy please?

I have an edited mug here but he got pretty messed up after I had to resize him. Note this mug was based on a vaati mug I got on google. I used the vaati mug as a base and changed the palette along with deleted some stuff. His character is supposed to be a pretty face, but scary dark personality. He’s my druid character but because I had to resize his portrait everything got all messed up. He looks kind of blandish now and his face in the game is all messed up. The animation in the game is just horrendous :fearful:. So can someone please help me out and fix him? Thank you in advance.

The resize did a pretty bad number on him, so it’ll be a bit of work to bring it back. Your other request doesn’t seem so bad but has issues that make her difficult to work with too.

I’m willing to help out with both but would want something in return. Proof of progress or trading work would do.

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Sure no problem I don’t expect something for nothing. As long as it’s Fire emblem related I’d be happy to help out. As far as proof of progress I can do that if you want I’m currently working on a demo but running into some problems with that. I travel from 2 cities every week one city I have no access to a pc and my schedule is very busy but I still manage to work on this hack. I refuse to give up on this hack no matter how busy I get. If screenshots and hopefully demo’s are proof of progress I can provide that just not on a regular schedule basis. As far as trading work goes if it’ something I got or can do I don’t mind helping. Just make sure to specify what you want with proof of progress or what you want for trading before you do it so that way I can be able to know if I can do it lol. I have to log off now and I won’t be back on until Monday or maybe Sunday. Let me know what you want by then and I will reply back to see if i can do it. I may not be able to login in on a pc but maybe if I can I’ll try to login on my phone can’t promise though if I can’t do that then I will definitely be on the days I mentioned.

Eh, have fun and do what you want with the mug. I can’t think of anything, so just work on that project or pass the favor on~

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Whoa thanks it this site never told me about you replying thank you so much! He looks great sorry for the late reply.