Can I use Void's Blitzarre adventure as a base to work from?

Just posting this instead since I felt necroing a 7 month old thread was not bright.

I’m asking since I don’t know the general rule in the hacking community, do I need to give credit? Do I not? I didn’t see on the page if it was allowed to be used or not, so that’s why I’m asking.

I am contacting the people I saw involved, well in the process, but I was wondering if anyone has a straight answer.

VBA was made as a base version for people to make their own Buildfile projects. If you’re planning to swap out for your own mugs and maps, then go for it!

I would also recommend you give the ultimate Buildfile tutorial a read while you’re at it.

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I’ll look, I actually just foundout what the buildfile is reading that. Sounds like it’d make things a lot easier if I mess up.