Can i upgrade a Feditor project to Febuilder?

I have been working on a project from like two years or so, but the new animations are almost all for Febuilder, and i cannot convert them to Feditor…Is it a good idea to use Febuilder in this project? Or should i try harder at converting said animations?

FEBuilder should be able to pick up on any changes you’ve made in FEditor in the past. FEBuilder should also be able to import FEditor-format animaions, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks, i will give it a try

Depending on how far you’re in and how well you’ve documented your changes it may be useful to redo them all in FEBuilder to a clean ROM, too. FEditor <<<<<<< FEBuilder and has a lot of potential for errors to build up. With that said, you can just migrate and keep going in FEBuilder.