Can I get help with a custom face?

So, I’m working on creating a face from scratch and so far I’m pleased with what I have, but I don’t how exactly to shape the eyes and nose, I’ve tried using a few a different eyes and noses as visual guides, but none really adapt well when I try to draw eyes or a nose. Also I looked for a guide, but couldn’t find one that wasn’t splicing.

These might help

This is the best guide I can find for you. I know there not Fire emblem stuff but they at least give you a good idea sorry if it doesn’t help.


A good place to start is to reference the original GBA FE portraits. If you have an idea in mind for this character to have small eyes, then pick out characters such as Seth ot Kyle to get a good idea how those eyes are made. This also applies for the nose and mouth as well.

References are your best friend even if the product doesn’t look the way you intend it to be. You gotta keep pursuing and experiment what works and what does not work.

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