Can i delete already existing chapters from my rom hack?

im very new to fire emblem rom hacking and i wanted to start small, like a small fire emblem rom hack with 11 chapters, but fe sacred stones has 22 existing chapters and ephraim/eirika route, is there a way to delete them? i use febuildergba btw

Just call the ending in the end event of whichever chapter you want to be the last.

AFAIK, without using buildfiles, you cannot actually remove already implemented chapters fully. You can skip the transition to them in the end event of a chapter, but you can’t straight up kill them with builder.

In theory, you could boot up FEBuilder’s hex editor and zero out the chapters (this is essentially what you’d do with a buildfile as well). In practice, just don’t call the chapters in your events, and you don’t have to worry about them