Can I change this? (select difficult and other things )

The question is: Can I change these things without being afraid of exploding the game?

Example: With I want to translate the difficult screen, Can I do it?
Another Example: Can change the ‘‘The Sacred Stones’’ to another name?

I was kind of vague, but I don’t know if I can improve my question, it’s like, a simple question without muck you know, like if the sun has mass of 9999 N what it’s rotation.

Patches Level Select_08A28A0C

Patches Level Select_Palette at Difficult Active_08A28A0C

Patches Level Select_Palette at Normal Active_08A28A0C

Patches Level Select_Palette at Normal Inactive_08A28A0C

Patches OP Title Screen Game Title_08AACEDC

Patches SaveControlMenu_08A26A74

Patches Sound Room Controller_08A2CABC

Patches StatusBackground icon_08B17864

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Yes, you can change these images freely.

However, a lot of them use the palette in a very specific way - eg. one colour is transparent while some others may be used for palette cycling (to emulate an animation). The colours you use are therefore very important so you should experiment to see what each colour does before you edit the images.


Hmmmmmmmmm. Thank for the info! : 3