Can I ask for a simple FE8 Patching request?

Hello, I’m new to hacking, experimenting around and stuff but I’m having a bit of trouble. Basically, I just wanted a simple patched FE8 with these characters in the game with their base stats or best balanced stats by the time they join in.

  • Sophia - FE6 Shaman (joins with Lute in Chapter 4)
  • Roy - FE6 Lord (joins at Chapter 6 at the village) and his promoted class through Hero Crest, and Sealed Sword animation as default sword animation for Promoted Roy
  • Hector, Lyn, and Eliwood - FE7 Lords and their promoted classes through Hero Crests/Knight Crests (Lyn joins together with Tana in both routes, Hector joins in Chapter 2 at bottom village, Eliwood joins in at Chapter 15, with Eirika if on Ephraim Route, or with Ephraim if Eirika Route), for promoted animations, just Normal Sword animation for Lyn(I don’t like Sol Katti animation), Durandal animation for Eliwood, and Armads animation for Hector as defaults on promotion.
  • Nergal’s Dark Druid Class FE7 to replace Riev’s class
  • Zephiel’s King Class FE6 to replace Fado and Vigarde’s classes.
  • Athos’s Archsage Class FE7 to replace Pontifex Mansel, and replace Hayden for Creature Campaign instead.
  • Canas - Druid FE7 (joins with Ewan at both Routes)

No need for skill system, dialogues, item changes, or difficulty tweaks. I was just wondering if this is possible. I’m trying to patch these in but I’m having no progress so far. Can someone make this patch? Or at least help me, I’m new to these stuff. So far I only know how to expand the classes up to 255, add their animation and map sprites, but I don’t know how to add their addresses, sound effects and stuff.

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I find simply screwing around with febuilder and pushing buttons that look vaguely like what I wanted works out fairly well.

I would, however, advise against increasing the class list up to 255 though since that can cause a variety problems.

Class expansion works perfectly fine with ExpandedModularSave.

Really now? Bless whoever made that, then.