Can FE7/FE8 mounted units canto naturally?

I’m curious, because I can’t really recall a time seeing them do it; does the AI actually acknowledge their ability to canto after using an item, or does it just ignore that entirely?

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I’m pretty sure I’ve seen enemy troubadors in FE7 canto after healing an enemy unit.

Tho I’m not sure if enemy mounts move again after using vulneraries, cause my units have usually killed them before they get the chance.

that’s funny; you don’t get to move again after using staves in fe7


Huh, well crap, ignore me then. I just had an idiot moment.

*klok moment

ok ok, maybe we shouldn’t go that far

I think it’s partially because they move before using vulneraries if needed, and partially because enemies don’t have access to stuff such as villages and shops. Aside from that, I believe that it is something that can be changed by AI, but I’m generally a noob at FE hacking in general now days xD

The AI doesn’t know how
that’s pretty much it