Can a class that uses both physical and magic work in gba fe?

Been thinking about getting back into the rom hack business (not actually business I say that sarcastically don’t worry)

Kinda want a dread fighter class because they’re cool (alongside probably a holy knight class and dark knight class because they’re also fairly cool)

Want it using both swords and magic because that’s very cool (I’m standing by that statement btw)

I’m bad at explaining things but I think people know about the whole magic and strength stat thing in the gba games, so… can a class that uses both physical and magic work? Or do I need some sort of patch? I’m trying to describe this to the best of my abilities btw

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Yes, for the patch we use the mag/str split patch. Comes with skill system. If you don’t want a patch you can still have those they just use the power stat for the base atk of each weapon, although I don’t know if there’s any specific mods you need to make to the base rom to make it work (I think none, just the weapon rank display will only display either physical/mag weapon ranks (should be fixable with a custom build) for reference there are characters in storge that use this ( they only use pow there)

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I believe @MrGreen3339 got Malig Knight to work in Justice and Pride which in turn made Nestor one of the game’s most broken units. I was always curious as to how he got it to work tho.

Admittedly now that you say that one guy being the most broken characters makes me scared a physical and magic class like the dread fighter and holy knight would be super broken and feel like a superior alternative to its other promotions since I plan to have dread fighter to replace assassin in myrmidon’s promotion and holy knight replace sage in monk’s promotion

on a related note would have to commission someone to make holy knight animations because don’t think that exists yet

That makes sense for Monks to gain Holy Knight instead of Sage.

And don’t sweat it, every unit in Justice & Pride is broken

Ah that’s good to know :upside_down_face:

Yeah if I get serious about the hack I may commission animations for a holy knight class and probably also dread fighter class but think someone did that but download link is dead

She just…gave Malig Knights wranks in both dark magic and lances.
Its not as hard as you’ve been making it out to be.

And yes in a hack without the strength magic split patch, classes with both physical and magical weaponry tend to be overly powerful since they can deal damage to both defensive stats, meaning they just do not care about an enemies defenses most of the time, among other things.

Yeah so gotta make sure to add that patch in

time to find how to apply the patch