Bwan's free to use portraits and stuff dump


These portraits are all free to use, just credit me if you actually do end up using them.
As always, I’m open to criticism!
Also for some reason feu won’t let me edit my username, so rip just link to my profile or something if u wanna credit me lmao

a amarena buff frank gerhardt Hando holdityn irideae jiremi li%C3%B2n mon norman orson pr saleh scar seris tulip bru new%20blank arm buff eagler GBA_99%4063%20Civilian_8AD698

Portraits that aren’t free to use but look nice:

wi caroline

Map animations:

GBA_6%4006%20Knight_8AF8B0 GBA_8%4009%20Knight_9A2E40 GBA_26%401A%20HighBow%20Knight_8AF950 GBA_31%4020%20HighBow%20Knight_9A2EF8 GBA_34%4022%20War%20Noble_8AF990 GBA_66%4042%20Tome_8AFA90 GBA_80%4051%20Tome_9A3080

Various icons:

water GBA_57%4039_594374 GBA_107%406B_595C74 GBA_108%406C_595CF4 dagger extract GBA_15%400F_592E74 GBA_16%4010_592EF4 gba_37%4025_0FB000 gba_17%4011_0FA600

Status screen bg and enemies’ mini mug:

o church sanguinite


Gonna take a wild guess and assume you like flowers.


These are some pretty good art! It’s not incredibly complex splicing, but I like how you’ve made the portraits interesting to look at even if they’re still very recognizable as the vanilla character, and combined custom parts with vanilla p-
what the fuck is this


It appears to be Eagler roleplaying as a cat.


no way! how did u figure that out?!

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we don’t talk about that.

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