Bulk Apply Pallettes?

I’m developing an fe8 rebalance hack. I have next to no experience in color pallettes, so I have a friend helping me out with those. I sent him my ups file. Is there anyway he can send me something that will quickly allow me to apply the pallettes to my ups file?

I’d think the quickest and easiest way is to have him make and send you a ups file once he’s done and have you continue working from that.

He can also send you the text strings for character palette -> clipboard which will allows for copying and pasting entire palettes as text strings. (Assuming febuilder.) It will take longer but FE8 doesn’t have that many characters so you could probably get through it in 10 minutes.

If he’s not working in febuilder and just playing with colours in photoshop or something, you can use the export and import image functions, also under character palette. (So he exports the images, changes the colours, and then sends them to you to import back in.) It probably takes a little longer than the second method, but not too much.

you just get the data in png.
Clipbord is fine, but it’s a bit annoying if you don’t know which data is which.
fe8kaitou.gba_104@69 wal__________EF8688


This clipboard value is the same as the png above.
The png is a bit more advantageous because you can tell what the picture is, so it is harder to lose track of.
Also, as you can see when you export the file, it contains the string ID like “69 wal” in the file name.
This immediately tells us that this data is for the Custom Palette data 0x69 wall.

Also, FEBuilderGBA can also import files by D&D in many forms where the import button is available.

Just take the clipboard data, as it can be easily pasted.