Buildfile help

I want to have a rom with the SkillSystem. However, the main Skill System patch doesn’t have all the skills I want, so I’m going to use the Buildfile version instead. This is all I want to do, but it’s also easier said than done. What do I do, since I have no idea how to use Buildfiles???

This really depends on what you’re trying to do. What are you trying to do?

For starting with buildfile, the best thing I can recommend is reading to start. Make sure to join the FEU Discord, as people in #hacking-help will most likely have an answer for what you need to ask whenever. (If you’re hoping to mess with assembly, don’t forget to ask for Apprentice)


All I want to do is have the base game of FE8, but it has a version of the Skill System with things such as Double Lion. Then I can edit it with FEBuilder, since I actually know how to edit games with that.

To complete that task you would have to download the skillsystem from the github and just edit the skill_definitions.event file. Once you make the change you will have to just MAKE HACK_full.cmd

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I wasn’t aware people made an updated version of the ultimate tutorial. Well, time to learn buildfile.

That’s easier said than done when the source code lacks the Table Installer and Install Text Data files, so it can’t compile properly. Maybe I’m going about this all wrong?