[BUG] [FE8] Seize point not showing up?

So in my hack, I decided to try an idea out and create “interlude” chapters where the party gets to explore towns in the game world, with no enemies to hinder them; similar to something Ghast did in Bloodlines. However, I encountered a big problem when making this interlude chapter: the seize event is not appearing on the map, meaning the chapter cannot be cleared. I have no idea why this is happening.

Here is a picture of the event itself. If you know what the issue might be, please let me know.

If flag 0x03 is on, the event will not show up. The “Connect to emulator” debugger can show you which flags are on.

If you are using a character who cannot seize, it will not show up. (By default only Eirika in tutorial / Eirika mode can seize, and Ephraim in Ephraim mode can seize.)
There is a patch to allow specific characters to seize.

If you are still having trouble, please send a report7z here. (FEBuilder -> File -> Create Report Issue).

Figured it out! Because the map I was replacing was Chapter 5x in the base game (the single Ephraim chapter in the first half of SS), the game was not recognizing any of my units as being able to seize. Thanks for the advice.

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