Bow hero animation please!

I need an animation for the hero class with bows for a hack I’m working on and I’d appreciate it if any artists out here could make one.

Are you offering compensation? If not, you’re probably going to be waiting quite a while good buddy

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Post some info about that hack of your friend, and this may go better. While I don’t have a reason to doubt your making of a hack I also have no reason to just take your word for it. People are more willing to help if they know you have a goal and progress. I can also see that you’re fairly new here so why not make an introduction post and acquaint yourself with others on the site. Obviously these aren’t things you have to do but they may help people become more receptive to your requests.

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I would like to make one, but I am sadly not exactly good with pixelart. I can personally imagine something physicsdefying and rad like the hero spinning in the air, shooting an arrow and then spinning back. and then throwing the bow, catching it midair and then Shooting for the crit.

I mean there is the Ephraim unpromoted with bows, and then the marksman that was recently released. You could com o those together

Frankly he’s probably going to be waiting a good while even offering compensation. I know I am.

Well the idea sounded fun so i tried to give it a shot
There’s more than 16 colors
(sorry if the gifs are too fast,first time)
definitively unfinished (and i don’t really want to finish it)
But it’s free to use

HeroBow 000

HeroBow Crit