Boss ability - Unlimited uses

I have a request, it’s probably not simple but I feel like it’s been done already.

I’d like to have an ability that adds onto the “Boss” ability in FE8, and makes the currently equipped weapon either not drain uses, or become unlimited uses. The idea is to stave off boss abuse by making bosses never run out of the currently equipped weapons.

I think someone made an Armsthrift thing, and what I want is basically that, but it always activates, 100% of the time.

This is a quick and dirty hack for doing that. It prevents weapons equipped by a boss from losing durability in battle. You’ll need to find a few dozen bytes of free space to insert the main code. Let me know if it breaks.

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I’ll test it shortly. Thanks!

Too bad I can’t use this because Menmus and Cattleya have the Boss flag lol

Well, now the hack only applies for non-player boss units! You can download the updated version from the same link.


You’re AWESOME Venno.

Hey Venno, you think you can make a version of this hack for FE7? Sorry if there already is one.

Hey, uh, this link is for the one that doesn’t apply to PCs, no chance you could also re-add the old version, which did work for PCs? (I’m basically trying to do Armsthrift, if anyone has that thing Klok mentioned then that works too!)