Bloodlines ROMhack

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Fire Emblem: Bloodlines version 1.4
please don’t forget to read the readme!
Patch contains the first 7 chapters.



(I actually thought you already had a topic here for some reason.)

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Looks great! Can’t wait for this year’s FEE3.

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thanks ya’ll!

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patch release on the 5th of Sept, including prologue- Chapter 4!

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Oh, I can’t wait. This hack looks amazing. (To be honest, out of the ones I’ve seen this is the one I’m anticipating the patch for the most, but don’t tell anyone else I said that wink wink)

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thank you! It’s not super technical though, so don’t expect anything groundbreaking in terms of that haha. There’s like one asm hack and it’s @CT075’s weapon status hack.

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You had me sold at flying bowmen.

Pegasus Knights = God
Archers = Amazing

Flying Archers …? = So much awesome the heavens cannot contain it.

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Hah! I thought the same thing

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so like where’s that patch doe

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like here doe


aaaaaaaaaaaaye that’s what i’m talkin’ 'bout

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FYI Malcolm’ upper right corner thing has to do with the data in the 2nd pointer in the moving unit data table. but I don’t know how to fix it.

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The Great Knight, Wyvern Knight and Berserker have the same problems, as I recall (though only on the status screen it seems for the former), but I don’t know if pasting their ‘other data’ in would fix @ghast’s problem…hmmm…

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Malcolm can talk to Nilou before they’re recruited and such. It causes weird conversations and wastes a turn that I thought I would get from recruiting them.

Edit: This happens in a lot of chapters…

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ah i see, ill make some conditions where they can only talk to each other if bram did first.

edit- just doing this now. did you find anything else, crazycolors? i know tyren’s and nobia’s talk event is a bit janky

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I didn’t really do any in-depth testing… So not really. Solid hack you got there :wink:

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thanks! though I’m having a small problem with making the talk event only appear if Bram talked to sadaati first.

if i make it an IFET, dewey can still talk to nilou, but it’s just blank and the event ends. any ideas?

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I don’t think it’s possible… Hrm. I was going to dive into the engine’s talk code for @AlfredKamon. I might as well make an option for is_allied as well while I’m checking it out.

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that’d work! hahaha

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