Bloodlines Hype 🪡

The day has come, grab your ale and for you kiddos grab your sodie-pops, the much awaited for Bloodlines update is around the corner.

What are you guys hoping to see in this update? Anything you hope gets implemented?

I’m just here refreshing FEU every 15, straight fiending on the refresh, waiting for the update :triumph:


I’m hoping to see the conclusion of Act 2, the Promoted Class for Bram and Dewey, some new playable characters, and some more backstory of Bram. That’s what I have been waiting for.


I’m hoping for more wacky non-human classes, personally. Or just more bears, because FE needs more bears.

I’m really glad to see Bloodlines back tbh, it’s definitely one of those “certified hood classic” hacks IMO. And the new version of Bloodlines is coming out literally the day after my favorite fanfic updated! Everything seems to be turning up roses for me this week. :smiley:

Let’s keep this hype train rolling!


@Silver-Star Backstory for Bram is a big one I’m looking forward, too as well!

@AstraCrits I’m glad you’ve been having a good month! Bloodlines is definitely gonna be the cherry on top.

Maybe I’m too hyped, just really excited we’re gonna get an update to, like astra said, a certified hood classic. I think it’ll be interesting if Ghast decides to keep using FE7 as a base! Definitely keepin it a classic that way


I’m pretty hyped, I didn’t know that so much about the hack has already been revealed. Did you guys actually play it yet or did the creator put out more videos on it that I haven’t seen yet?

Just from the Bloodlines threads :slight_smile: For me anyway


hey i just wanted to say that this thread was a very kind gesture and it warmed my heart when i seen it yesterday. thank you kindly!


Of course, ghast! The overall quality of this update has been astonishing and I’m looking forward to see what else you have in place for your work :metal:t4::black_heart: