Blitzing together abandoned projects

Many people have jokingly suggested to just combine the hacks you’ve abandoned into one game and call it an anthology. What if we took this approach with a Blitz? (But combined their stories.)


  • Stitch together a bunch of dead projects into a giant mess.

We use the best aspects we can find from each project we’re working from and combine them.

Of course, this idea would work a lot better with a little preparation. Prior to starting one, I think specific characters from each hack to use would need to be selected. It may also be good to select certain maps to use early on, as well as what stories we can grotesquely stitch together.

  • Organize chapters into early / late game etc
  • Try and put them in a coherent order plot wise
  • Balance adjustments for a week to try and make the game function

It would feature more dialogue than usual blitzes, as we’d be throwing people’s stories together. Any time the story is going in the wrong direction of the main plot, we could make it a gaiden chapter. :yum:

This would probably make an incoherent mess of a story. But the hope is it would be an entertaining incoherent mess.

Also, I think it’s important to be respectful of the original hack makers. We would only be using hacks that have been submitted for butchering. We would potentially make drastic changes to someone’s character, plot, or chapter. By submitting your hack, you’d forfeit creative control over how it’s used in the blitz. And of course we’d link to all the abandoned projects used and credit them accordingly.

It may not truly be a blitz anymore if we’re reusing unfulfilled material that you’ve all made. But I think it would make good use out of dead projects and help in making a FE game in just a week more feasible.

What considerations need to be made for this sort of idea?
What should be prepared beforehand, so that everyone knows what we’re working from?

I’ve never been involved in a blitz before, so I am not looking to run one myself at this point. I am happy to try and organize materials to work from beforehand and contribute to a blitz, though, whenever the next one happens.


@Arch :eyes:


tbh this sounds like a cool idea. The problem is getting permission from the creators of said abandoned hacks.