Blitz of Ages

Well I’m getting railed by senior year of Engineering school and SoA development has been pretty stagnant and I’m fucking lazy. So I figured why not blitz (part of) it.

What do?

I kind of want to test the waters with this first to see how it goes and do a small section of chapters that I want to get done by the holidays.

Those chapters are:

  • S2-2
  • S2-3
  • S2-4
  • O2-2
  • O2-3
  • O2-4
  • G-1

I’m working on S2-2 already, there’s a handful of maps already done and some enemy layout ideas for o2 and o3 already, so that should speed things along.

Further details (writing, the goal for each chapter, etc) will be provided on discord in a channel in the SoA server that will be set up for the blitz.

After it’s well and blitzed we’ll go through it with the beta testers and fix it up, since I want to keep the quality consistent with the rest of the game and all that.

Ideally the actual creation gets done in a week or two and then the testing and fixing can happen before the holiday hits.

So who wants to do?

Who be doing

  • Me (S2-2)
  • Arch (O2-2)
  • Circles (O2-3)
  • Kirb
  • StanH (O2-4)
  • Ash3wl (S2-3)
  • Alusq (maps)
  • Teraspark (maps)

Discord Invite:


I’ll do a chapter.

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Guess i’ll do stuff if this goes anywhere

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I gotta finish those Owen maps!

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I want to help too!

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not much of a hacker (i know the basics atleast) but id be happy to help with atleast graphics/maps or play testing.

yeah sure

In other news, the due date for all the work is the 18th, so we can have time to playtest before release.