Blink frames into mood frames ...can it work?


So actually i was wandering and from topic title you’d know what i mean
Can the blinking frames work as a mood frames that express the characters feelings ( Anger ,and Sadness )
What i mean basically :
The blinking frames we all know its 2 (half closed eyes , fully closed eyes)
What if the Half Closed eyes frames bacame the Anger blinking frame
And fully closed eyes became the Sadness?
I thought about after Watching FE8 support conversations and One of them actually caught my attention the Amelia and Ross Support Conversation they stayed on the half Closed Eyes frame for a while when they talked about their sad past

In Short :grimacing: will it work ?


FE7 already portrays expressions (and you can too), they just change the face.

Packing a lot of mood into the blink frames is possible but not that practical.


I mean in a custom mugs


In A while i will give an example of what I mean


Why would you do this instead of just making multiple portraits?


You can put 65535 portraits in the game, you know


Just for the sake of answering the question, yes.

As far as I’m aware.
You’d have to tag every mug in every conversation to not blink, and then to change emotions you’d tag the mug with halfclose or close eyes.

However, the 16x32 window you get is not going to be very effective, I’d definitely recommend just having more mugs that show different expressions like in FE7 with Eliwood.

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