Binding Blade with Support Viewer

So, wonder if it’s too early to make another request, especially since I got the one I asked for rather recently, but here goes.

Anyway, as much as I enjoyed the collective story of FE7 and FE6 (played them in chronological order, by the way), I’ve always found FE6 lacking in replay value other than getting the trial map-only characters. I remember that when I first went through FE8, the Support Conversations were one of the things that drew me the most, first when they revealed those interesting bits about the characters (thus making me like them even more) and then when at the end it turned out some could be paired off that way. But it’s a shame that FE6 does not have the feature to view the support conversations (then again, there are plenty that aren’t as interesting or funny as in the following games).

I don’t know, is there someone who’d like to try? Either by porting FE6 into FE7 to use the support viewer, or somehow inserting one into FE6. I’d love to see it myself (pretty handy to check whenever I’m looking for ideas for a shippy fic).

As it turns out, the most recent FE6 English patch that’s currently on Serenes Forest has a fully functional Support Reader. It even has a feature that temporarily unlocks all supports to view with a button combination.


Whoa, that’s awesome, had no idea that one existed. Thanks a lot, really.

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