Bigger than 50x30 maps in FeBuilder?

Hey the question is basically the title. I am new to rom hacking and have been messing around with map building. Currently I am trying to make a map that will basically just be a huge Lycia with all the maps from Fe6 and Fe7 that you play on within it. It’s mostly just to help me with mountain design and geography so I was wondering is there anyway to make the maps bigger than 50x30 or 30x50 or any variations of it? I’m using fe8 as my rom. I appreciate any and all help people may have.

If you want to build larger maps, you can use Yeti’s FE Map Creator or Tiled (you can use FEU’s search bar to find the topics for them), but you won’t want to insert them because the games themselves have a limit to what sizes you can use without breaking things. Still useful to use if you’re just wanting to practice map design, though.

Is there a bigger insert cap than 50x30 using those tools? If not thats fine I will still probably try them out if to see if I can get all of it together.

No, there isn’t a larger cap, because it’s the game not being able to handle maps/data that big. There is some flexibility to the dimensions, but you basically need to shrink the maximum for one dimension to increase the other. Bunch of math involved, but I can’t find the topic on SF where someone figured it all out at the moment.

Without changing a huge part of the game, you can’t really get maps much bigger than that to work.

The issue is not with inserting the maps, your max size is determined by the space that’s reserved for maps in ram, the formula is: XY + 2Y < 1634.
If you wanted a wider map, you could go up to 52x30.
If you wanted a taller map, you could go up to 50x31.

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