Bee's procrastination corner/sprite dump

Hellu. I just started dabbling into portrait splicing, so I’m making a compilation post to hold myself accountable and not just do this one (1) time then never touch it again.

Should anyone want these (why) they’re 100% F2U/F2E, just please show me whatever you do with them because I’m nosy and would love to see it!

I was going for a magic Jeigan (with a Miriel vibe?) and really wanted to use Echidna’s face but somehow I don’t feel like the result is that great lmao still, this is my first attempt so it shall forever be very near and dear to my heart

Beta - Full
Same as before except this was the REAL first attempt. I manually chopped up the og portraits and recombined them (second try I used the Character Creator face/hair/armor parts), and honestly I kinda like this one better? I put the head too low on the recolored one. I want to try killing off the necklace to see if that alleviates the issue somewhat

I wanted to make a dancer lord. Imo with the white/orange outfit and dark wavy hair I maybe veered too close to Laylea territory, but I still like it! Skin desperately needed one more color though, I lifted the brown from an NPC child’s hair since no vanilla skin is this dark. For a first try I don’t hate it though.

A friend asked for a Sue+Rath mishmash. I made Sath functional since they liked her better, but I might go ahead and finish Rue too sometime.

An Ingrid with creative liberties. First attempt at a real frankenstein (Fiora, Vanessa, a bunch of NPC girls with braids, Sophia, Myrrh, Louise, Priscilla, Elen, Clarine, and for colors Lucius, Bartre, Rebecca, dragon Idunn, NPC soldier. I probably forgot some). It’s sloppy (I tried to clean up the bangs but didn’t even try to fix the braid properly- would love some tips/tutorial recommendations), but I’m pretty pleased with it all things considered. Should probably recolor that winglet though.

Leg Yarn. Took the easy way out because her armor was NOT happening (believe me I have tried to dissect Merlinus’ cape every way and it just…wasn’t working), and I’m sadly also passing on her helmet/cat hat because my skill is just not there (yet?). I did make a stab at her silly mullet but I’m ngl longer hair is easier. I used Cormag’s skin first but she looked kinda washed out, so I made a darker variant. I got the darker skintone from the skintone chart in this post, it’s Garret’s, but the chart itself is uncredited. If anyone knows who made it, please let me know so I can credit properly!

/!\ F2U/F2E as the rest of them BUT do not skinnify her please.

More to come some other day soon (?)