BattleAnims Don't Appear In-Game

Following Mangs FEBuilder tutorial, I assigned Marisa and Joshua new battle animations, from the assets repo. I created new swordmaster and myrmidon classes to use the animations, and assigned Marisa and Joshua to the new classes, so that other myrms and swords don’t use their animations. I made sure the support and menu classes matched, so that they’ll promote correctly, and I’ve assigned Mar and Josh their classes in Unit Placer. However, when I play test my patch, they still use the default myrmidon and swordmaster battle animations. They’re also blue instead of using their unique color palettes.

Try setting their class in Unit Placer to 0. It’ll default to whatever class you assigned them and might fix the issue

Hmm, that didn’t do anything. So I followed Mangs character/class tutorial again, got the same problem. Maybe I need to slow down.

are you sure you’re assigning them to the correct class?

Yes, I make doubly sure, by adding new animations and classes to the bottom of their data lists, so I don’t confuse them.

Send a report so someone can actually investigate it.
File → Create report issue

For more information: en:guide:febuildergba:report7z [FE改造wiki]