Battle Music continuing where it leaves off?

Me and my buddy I’m working with wanted to know if it was possible to have in-battle music continue where it leaves off through multiple rounds instead of starting from the beginning every round of combat. We wanted to make it so you could hear the whole song through multiple battles instead of the first 10 seconds over and over again. Is there any patch like that?

It may be a little different from what you want to do …
There is a patch that allows the music to continue when the map BGM and the battle BGM are set to the same.


NAME.en=Insert a continuation judgment in Battle BGM
INFO.en=If the same BGM as the currently playing BGM is specified, it will continue playing without stopping the music.
NAME.zh=还在Battle BGM中进行了延续判断

You can specify a battle background music for each map by using a patch that switches battle background music on a map-by-map basis.
Then, set the same BGM for map BGM and battle BGM, and use the above patch.