Battle animations freezing up rom

Hello, I’m currenting making a FE8 mod using FEbuilder and I’ve ran into an issue.

I just got finished adding new items/weapons. Whenever any unit engages in combat the attacker freezes up and the game stays still for a few minutes before resetting. (It doesn’t matter what weapon is used and it still freezes even if I turn battle animations off.)

Thanks to backups I know the error has to be related to the new addons because it started after I added a few of them in previous backups. For now I’m going to keep looking to see what’s the cause, but any insight or help would be appreciated.

(Update: I ended up just redoing all the work and everything’s normal, not really sure what I did wrong the first time but oh well.)

Could you post a gif?, It might be an animation bug after all in which case it’s good to fix it

Sure thing, it’s not really an issue anymore, I ended up just going to a backup build and redoing the work the error didn’t resurface but it’d still be nice to know why it happened in the first place. (I can’t seem to post gifs.)