Baron, but with more spin!

So, I love the Baron animation made by TBA, St jack, and Flasuban(according to the directory on google drive). But there is one massive problem I found; the Baron spins the lance when they crit, but they don’t spin the sword, axe, or handaxe! So I decided to take it upon myself to fix that.
I take absolutely NO CREDIT for this, since the animation isn’t even mine, I only added the spins. Please support TBA, St jack, and Flasuban instead! Also, the animations are free to use, just credit the original creators instead of me, alright?

Link to Dropbox containing files: Here

emp_sp1 emp_sp2 emp_sp3


Can you link the overworld sprites if there are any?

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You can always check Kloks repo, it has 99% of assets created by people on here.

But to be more specific this is what the map animations are.

You can always join the server and ask away if you want.

please check the repo instead of necroing a months old post. apologies for my rudeness.

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