Bane working without the skill and even when disabled

I’m completely new here so sorry if I miss an guidelines or etiquette. I created this account specifically for this post.

I down loaded the Skill System and have been play around with it with no prior experience and its been engaging if a bit tedious.

While trying my hand at making my own skill, I noticed that one of my units used bane even though he doesn’t have that skill. Further testing revealed that all of my units were using bane. I checked to make sure bane’s skill ID wasn’t 00 and it was indeed 20.

I decided to go into skill_definitions and disable it by setting its ID to 255. Strangely, this disabled the animation and icon cut-in, but my units would still trigger its effect of leaving enemies with 1 HP.

Since I’m a complete novice I figured I might have caused this so I completely redownloaded the skill system in a different location and ran a clean ROM through it. Turns out, whatever this behavior is it’s in the completely unedited base skill system.

Has anyone else encountered this? Am I doing something wrong? Please ask me for any more information if needed.

Also related but bane fails to save the target on a crit and I’m not sure if that’s intended.

I think there was a while where Bane was just broken and just activated whenever it wanted, if you’re using the one on github it should be fixed by now I think.

I’m using the most recent version from github that was updated 4 days again.

I noticed a comment about recently redoing some calcloops. Is it possible it might have reintroduced that bug?

Oh, interesting, I didn’t notice it may’ve broken again since I’m still using from like last month. Huh.
I’d say to report the issue directly but I’m not entirely sure how to do that. At best I could probably just try to toss a slightly older version and see if that works?

Yeah that would be great for testing since the recent version is so new, it could tell alot

If it’s still an issue I’ll just strike it from the skills folder entirely since it’s not that useful of a skill. I just want to make sure that doing that will actually work and that it’s not just a symptom of a bigger issue.

Also thank you for your help. I wasn’t expecting to get replied to so quickly.

Hopefully this can help at all.

good luck?

I’d look into the actual issue myself, but I am not especially competent enough to know what’s properly wrong.

Sorry it took me a while to get a build running. Everything I know about coding I’ve learned in the last 48 hours and you had some very powerful voodoo going on in the Text file so I just copy passed the Text file from my version.

It seems that the bane bug doesn’t exist doesn’t exist in your version. Whatever changes were made in the most recent updates reintroduced the bug.

Once again, thanks for your help. Where should I report my findings?

Oh my. Did I accidentally leave some random notes and stuff in? Ahaha… sorry about that.

Well, good that some progress is made, I myself can’t say I know how to properly report it, so hopefully someone else can field that one.

There was a bug with Bane recently:

Are you using FEBuilderGBA? Or are you downloading it from the github repository?

I downloaded from github. It says it was updated only a few days ago.

When I tested VelvetKitsune’s version, it seemed to be fine.

I saw that somone updated the calcloop for doubling. Is it possible they were using old deprecated calcloop files?

Edit: Thanks to your link, I was able to check and confirm that my most recent version was lacking the skill tester part. I manually edited it back in and now bane stays in its own lane.

Thanks for the help and I hope that patch gets reuploaded soon

Edit 2: In the end, I actually am the clown. I’ve never used github before and didn’t realize that downloading the latest version doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re up to date. My version is from March 16th when 1.2.0 was released. Sorry for wasting your time everyone.


No worries, glad you sorted it out :sweat_smile: