Balancing overpowered units

I need ya’lls opinions and suggestions once again :b this time on how to balance a game with powerful units, like do I spam reinforcements at them? (I’m getting a feeling ya’ll are screaming “NO” at the top of your lungs-) let me know what you think :>.

i don’t know if it’ll fix the problem but maybe you could increase the spd stats of enemies? one of the best ways to kill an enemy is double so if your powerful units can’t double some of the enemies it could balance the difficulty i guess


Edit the enemy growths and base stats to make them balanced

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give player and enemy units high growths, give overpowered unit low growths, they’ll start better than everyone else but lose usefulness after a good bunch of chapters to prove their worth.

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One alternative is to give the unit a very exploitable weakness. For example, Miledy in FE6 has huge stats all around and flight, but her terrible Res and bow weakness are both noteworthy downsides.


Just make them too op then people will never use them or does they?


Change up enemy weapons as well. If your OP unit is horse, flying, mage then give the enemies weapons that specifically target and kill those foes. Along with WTA that should deter them from running everything down.

In my most recent hack I made a specific class called Officers. aka reskinned FE6-8 lords, with their PRF weapons and a 1-2rng magic weapon with good growths. So They could kill any Horse, Flier, low Res Unit pretty easily, not to mention their stats are as high as Players so they just can’t be rolled over. These were treated as mini-bosses and were placed throughout the maps.


Oh yeah aside from bases, weapons etc be smart about enemy placements. If you have a squad of enemies clump together with covering weaponry for example enemies in a triangle formation with raver weapons or weapons that cover each other’s ranges and weaknesses this could work well to make the players have to put more units into handling the squad. Having certain terrain designs to limit player movement and give an advantage to the enemies if done properly can really make a map not only more challenging but also fun

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Units are only as powerful as the enemies they face.

If your units are overpowered, it probably means the enemies are too weak or don’t target the units’ weaknesses well enough.


Let them be over power, generally there is a good reason for why that is. Instead, either buff under powered units or make the game harder.
If you really think a unit needs a nerf, you should try to make it so that the thing that makes that unit fun to use is still there.



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Hey I remember this one. This one is a classic.

Give enemies stronger and more specialized weapons. Things like reaver weapons and effective weapons not only make them more dangerous, but also reward good strategy from the player for checking and let player units with different classes and stats have a chance to shine more.

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Do not spam reinforcements. This just sucks for everyone - it makes enemies be jokes, it makes turns take longer, it makes it difficult to care about any fight and actively rewards you for making a single super unit that makes you not have to think about actually engaging enemies.

The way that stats work in Fire Emblem, enemy quality is the most important attribute.

If units are “powerful”, that actually means “enemies provide no challenge”, to which the solution is not “throw additional trash”, it is “throw things that are not trash”.

If the intention is to make some units feel powerful, you don’t have to put a large number of enemies in the way. You can just put a few that are only slightly stronger than the other enemies - preferably making them identifiable on the map - You can then make lower stat enemies that are on your map wield weapons that have some advantage against the more powerful units, indirectly forcing you to field both the strong and the weak units.

If the intention is to make all your units feel powerful, then don’t spam reinforcements. If you feel the player is clearing the chapter too fast, you should always make the player think more, and not ever make them wait more. If your chapter can be answered by a Paladin with 3 Javelins and an Elixir, your chapter is bad.