Badges, titles and the contest section

since i recently got this one too:

i was wondering: where’s the big bois private lounge area? :sunglasses:

anyway, switching to a different matter.
it’s been a while since the last time a contest was made in the creative section( or at least, that’s my impression ), so i wanted to ask out of curiosity: those contests can be held by anyone, or there’s specific requirements to make one?

also, would it be possible to eventually reward winners of specific contests with badges/custom titles just to add something more to the competition?

i know that it’s actually quite a trivial thing and nothing of great importance at the end of the day, but it could still be something unique and exclusive for those who took their time doing stuff for the repository.
plus, it could be considered a small incentive to partecipate in contests.

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I think I had the regular badge… But my account got held for few hours and I lost it… This makes me want to drink vodka comrde.

My sincere condolences, non-regular badge holder

I think contests can be freely hosted by anyone. I don’t think you’ll get badges for them, but I agree that it could be nice.

I made this thread a while back to kind’ve simulate the idea of badges:

i was kinda hoping to eventually get infos on the matter from some active staff members, but i guess it could be either not doable on the technical side due to different reasons, or there’s simply not much interest in doing so.

anyway, i’ll take the chance to let you guys know that my good old pc has actually died after 12 long years of service. i did swap components many times along the way, but i guess the poor thing has finally reached the point of no return :sweat_smile:
therefore, even though i’ll still be lurking around here once in a while, i’ll be taking a break from sprites until i’ll manage to get my hands on a new pc.
i’m currently using a not-so-good spare laptop at the moment, so at least i’m not entirely cut off from the web… :thinking:

Guess I’ll go sound off the MLG sad music to mourn for your good old pc that did its duty.

The private lounge area doesn’t exist, and I don’t know why it’s so hard to remove that text (thanks, discourse).

I have no plans to add new badges at this point in time.

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at first i thought it was something related to members invitations, kind of a secondary hidden section on the platform or similar stuff, but i suppose it was just a joke all along.

in any case, thanks for the answers~

Main question is how many Badges and titles are out there in FE Universe.

You can see them here:

Someday I will be the first and only person to get the badge for replying by email.

i’ve legitimately been trying to remove the “lounge” text for years and it keeps coming back


well, we could always, you know…make one?

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