Background insertion/palette[Solved?]

Hi there, I’ve been trying to insert a Background in FE7 using GBAGE :

Here’s the original image I imported.

I tryied to copy the other backgrounds format. But…

And here’s the result

I’ve put the palette in a free space and the graphic at the dragon’s gate (green) background - 0x170B4C

Does anybody have some experience in it?

I might be mistaken, but it could be that strip of black on the side of your new image that might be causing it.

Otherwise, can you put down the exact way you did it, might help us understand what you did wrong.

Try FEditor’s CG inserter.

I’ll try the FEditor way.
The black strip on the side is present on most of the backgrounds already in the game.
Fateborn > I gave all the details. There’s nothing more to do if you wanna insert things with GBAGE ^^

Also, I don’t know the palette of the original background. the greenish palette of the Dragon gate.

The problem is that I don’t really understand how the FEditor CG maker works. I don’t know what to do with the files it gives.

The CG maker will give you all of what you need.

First file is a .png of what your image will look like in-game(save as .png)
second is the image data(save as a .dmp)
next should be the TSA data(save as .dmp)
and finally you should get the palette data(save as .dmp)
(I might be wrong on the order for the last two, it’ll tell you which is which)

Insert all of that data in your rom word aligned(as in the offset ends in 0,4,8, or C)

then you want to use blazer’s cg editor module

find the bg that you plan to edit(don’t use any CGs from Lyn Mode, they act strangely), and edit the three offsets(image data, tsa data, palette data).
after that you should be all good!

Looks good to me. (jk)

the CG maker works on battle backgrounds?!

For some reason I thought I mentioned this to you when you brought up making a resource thread for it on Serenes ages ago.

Answer: Yes, it should. Though I’ve had some successes and some failures.

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I probably forgot because the last thing I saw about it was the internal note in FEditor’s relevant folder that mentions adding support for them

which I should take out if it indeed already does