Baby's First PME (Submissions Open! Patch Out! Only Eirika Route)⅝

Credits have been updated.

Patch Notes

-Balanced Female Mercenary to be on par with Male
-Male Mercenaries now have +1 in Con and Str
-Female Mercenaries now have +2 in Speed and Skill
-Female Mercenary has some new map sprites
-Gave Snow’s Bane and Con
-Properly Adjusted Tancred’s class bases
-Properly adjusted units to female Varients of classes
-Gave Sloane her bane

To answer your question @Someone I don’t know how to do either of those 2 things, my bad


There is a patch for character rescue values somewhere if you want the game to stop being needlessly sexist, welp.
As for the swapping positions you could be lazy and swap positions right at the end of the start event~

AID_AddBaseMountedAidBonus and AID_AddMoreIfNotFemale
Set the first to 24 and the second to 0. Should deal with those shenanigans.


Yo velvet got any unit reviews? Seems like you’ve finished a playthrough?


Patch Notes
-Added some little trickets around a select few maps
-2 more promotion items on the fog, spider map
-New Class added!
-New Character added!

Sorry for the long wait, I wanted to test a few things with Febuilder so it kinda took a while. Mainly adding a new entire character was done for testing purposes and to see if i could properly put it in without messing anything up.

Helga shows up when Moulder shows up so You’ll see her when you play the next map after getting that 5,000 gold.

You won’t see her the next map, but don’t worry since you’ll see her on the chapter character select.

If everything goes well then I’ll consider adding some more submission slots


Nay, sorry! I only especially used my units plus the other two clerics for my playthrough to just rush through and check things out, the Clerics which I did do a bit of a thing for, whenever I do a second playthrough will probably when I play around ‘normally’


For the “effective vs Axes”, just make it effective against axe-wielding classes.
For the spell animations, is this option here:

Some more stuff:

  • You might want to add some extra Door/Chest keys in chapter 3, since we have no thief.
  • Nemesis has a Lck bane instead of a Skl bane?
  • Lyn seems to not have a bane? And appears at the same level as the unit she replaces, despite having 2 boons.
  • Did you set Dark Lord to be able to promote to Savage Lord?
  • I think that clerics getting a level every two Heal uses might be a bit two much. Combined with Lyn’s Fury, I’ve got both Emma and Nemesis to level 20… in chapter 3.
  • Hoss should learn Fiery Blood at level 10, not at level 1.
  • “eric”'s name and description lack caps.
  • Is it intended having Airblade locked to 1 range?
  • Airblade should be marked as “Attacks res”, not “Magic Damage” (“Magic Damage” is for magic swords).
  • Both Gullin Katti and Airblade should have descriptions that state their actual effects (or rather, all new weapons should). Players should not need to check this thread or open the rom with FEBuilder to know what they do.

And last, some unit reviews:

  • Tancred: he’s cool. He really benefited from having his class bases adjusted. Though Glacies and Odd Rhythm hardly matter for now.
  • Ryan: sword user #1. On one side, he’s too strong to use him to attack in the early game. On another side, using an unit with Life and Death to tank feels… weird. It can still useful, thanks to Seal Spd and Counter but, taking into account that the enemy strength is the same as vanilla, there is hardly any reason to go out of your way to use him.
  • Sloane: she’s cool. She suffers a bit from having to fight axe-users with a lance, but she still performs far better than your average earlygame flier. She wishes the female aid penalty wasn’t a thing, though.
  • Bogan: you can’t expect me to use him with that mug.
  • Emma: a respectable earlygame healer. The Miracle/Counter combo looks interesting, but I don’t see the need to use my healer like a tank right now.
  • Snow: technically sword user #2, though calling her that kind of downplays her strengths: she’s a 9 mov cavalier that happens to be your tankiest unit available at this point, and can use Javelins without losing speed. If there is one thing to complain, that is having only 7 Aid due to the female aid penalty, but otherwise, she’s pretty good.
  • Helga: sword user #3. She aims to be a dodgetank, and has high def/res growths, but her bases (especially her HP) make it a bit scary. I haven’t used her much since there’s so many sword users available, but if you want to use her, you should give her an Angelic Robe.
  • Derek: his growths are too avant-garde for me. Rally Str is cool, I guess.
  • Tess: sword user #4. I like the concept, but the FEBuilder version of Vengeance doesn’t seem to work, so she’s effectively skilless until level 10. Still, she can pull her weight.
  • Nemesis: Some really good growths + leveling every 2 Heal uses + Powerstaff + future Bishop with access to dark magic = yeah, this is broken.
  • Lyn: sword user #5. Haven’t really used her (aside from abusing Fury to level up my healers), but with these offensive growths and Assassinate she should perform decently well (she apparently loses Assassinate on promotion, though, which is a bit wacky).
  • Hoss: sword user #6. Has some good bases (aside for HP and Lck) and he can perform decently well, especially if you give him an Angelic Robe. Overall solid, but not particularly interesting.

Me try to make lyn edgy: oh yea Fury lord oh yeah

Pme players: cleric whetstone lmao

Yknow what, I’m happy with this placement lmao


Even more stuff:

  • Lucario, Conrad and Mazarus don’t have boon/bane.
  • Lucario has the A2 Vulnerary instead of the 6C one.
  • Barabbas has negative Res.
  • Thieves have an invalid class skill.
  • Greatbow lacks animation. Bows are supposed to use the battle animation 2 (Arrow).
  • Grant has access to the convoy due to his Supply skill, which allows for stuff like giving Bone Rush to Conrad or to give Barabbas’ Silver Card to Tancred’s party earlier than they’re supposed to have. Despite this, since the normal Ch 5x restrictions are still in place so, if you have a full inventory, you will be forced to discard an item, even if you have access to convoy.
  • Zonta’s palette is messed up.
  • The “IER Byte” of promotion items has not been set, so it’s possible to promote at any level.
  • Tancred loses Con on promotion.
  • Female hero lacks promotion gains.
  • Tess loses Con when promoting to Ranger.
  • The Skull Pendant and the Promised Ring shouldn’t be marked as “Equippable”. That’s for weapons. Also, you probably should make them unbreakable. And state which skills they have (since I don’t think anybody will be able to infer that Promised Ring grants Night Tide otherwise).
  • In Chapter 7 there is a mage with a Power Ring that is supposed to be stealable… but we have no thief.
  • Mazarus can use lances even though he isn’t supposed to.
  • Mazarus palettes aren’t properly set.
  • Sword Slinger has the wrong Moving Map Sprites.

And some more unit reviews:

  • Eric: he’s cool, but the fact that he has to compete with Tancred and the clerics for the Guiding Rings doesn’t leave him in a particularly good spot.
  • Audino: the fact that at level 20 unpromoted she’s 2 HP away from the cap (which she gains on promotion) makes me wish that the HP cap was higher. Also, Miracle with that statline is kind of pointless. Outside of that, her mediocre stats are balanced by the fact that she has Powerstaff, which is cool. Sadly, Nemesis exists, who also has Powerstaff, better stats (aside from HP) and can Nostank.
  • Lucario: he’s cool.
  • Grant: hey, it’s our first bow user! …and he’s gone.
  • Barabbas: sword user #8 (Grant was the #7). Literally the only thief in the room (aside from that one Myrmidon that can promote into Assassin, but that one has 4 base Str and 25% Str growth, so no, thanks). Combatwise, he’s got a decent base Speed and some damage increasing skills, so he can manage, but he’s not that impressive compared to the other sword users.
  • Conrad: he’s not bad, but Sloane is just better. Well, at least he has better Aid and Swap.

All hail the ability to rescue someone bigger than a mage.


Patch Notes
-Door and treasure keys added to chapter 3
-Properly implemented boons and banes
-Lowered staff exp to 25
-All new weapons and items have a description of their skills
-Lucario now has the normal Vulnerary
-Took out the invalid class skill
-Fixed those -res stats
-Grant no longer has supply
-Replaced Zonta’s pallette
-Properly imported Mazar’s pallette
-Took out that lance rank in Glaciest class
-Gave female rangers more con
-Gave female hero actual promotion gains
-Adjusted promotion item level requirements
-Fixed Great Bow
-Sword has the proper map sprite
-Enemy Soldier growths got a +5 in everything except con
-Enemy Cavs Defensive growths got a +5
-A few enemies gave been replaced with promoted enemies
-3 silly characters appear in the first Eirika route chapter with 2 of them having body rings!

A huge thank you to Someone for finding a lot of these.

Credits list has been updated

I believe that extra characters should be good now, no major complaints about Helga have happened. Allow me to make a template!


Extra Character slots!

Extra 1: Feardorcha
Extra 2: Lucy
Extra 3: Braixen
Extra 4: Greninja
Extra 5: Eva
Extra 6: Kris
Extra 7: Aryana
Extra 8:
Extra 9:
Extra 10:

Only ten for now since I don’t wanna go crazy with it just yet.

Submission Template




Growth Rates (Max 430%):

Personal Skill:

Level up skills (Up to 4):

(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters)


Other (Optional):

While not necessary, monster classes would be cool!


Hmm. Groovy. time to have more excuses to think of more characters.
…On monster units, are dragon zombies fair game, or should I think something else?


Yeah, dragon zombies are fair game! I’m really interested on anyone could make with that class.


A bit more and she’s out of Aid.
Also, male mercenaries also lose Con when promoting to rangers.


Name: Feardorcha
Gender: Female
Affinity: Dark
Class: Draco Zombie
Chapter: 17, River of Regrets



Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Hp: 80
Str: 75
Mag: 0
Skill: 30
Spe: 65
Def: 70
Res: 70
Luck: 40

Personal Skill: Lancebreaker

Level up skills (Up to 4):
Death Blow (1B version, +20 Crit on initiate) (Level 5)
Galeforce (Level 10)
Darting Blow (Level 15)
Lifetaker (Level 20

Boon: SPD
Bane: HP (Seriously, with that 53 base HP she’s not going to miss it)
(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters)
Wretched Air

Description: An undead dragon that still seems to possess her former intellect and sophistication.

Other (Optional):
Essentially a Manakete that died and got stuck in her ‘dragon’ form, although, if the two Dracozombies in the last chapter are Myrrh’s parents… I suppose she’s like those two.

Annoyingly, the Draco Zombie is essentially enemy only with its animation due to the background, a separate animation needs to be imported for it to be proper. Could either be a custom animation or custom class, replacing the animation of the vanilla Draco Zombie in itself will make things funky for the enemy ones, I think there are patches for it though.

…The portrait’s probably going to be of her (possibly slightly decayed) humanoid form, so don’t get your hopes up for a dragon portrait. laziness! I just can’t stop making things harder for myself by giving myself more things to scribble.

As per usual, Feardorcha uses the ‘mug exceed’ patch, this time only one for her unbroken horn.

Tile 1 - X: 6, Y: 254


@Taylor, you forgot to adjust Daredin’s mouth and eye frames.

Also, Glacialist uses infantry walking sounds instead of armor ones.

And Anisha’s 19 Spd makes stealing her Body Ring a headache.


They don’t know, lovely



Yeah, I guess miracle on her was a bit redundant on my side, and yeah, since Nemesis exists it makes my cleric kind of redundant too. Oh well, at least she´s there in case you want yet another healer, and someone that can survive without nostank if you want. And I too would’ve appreciated the HP cap being higher than 60.



Class:holy knight (great knight that trade axes for staffes)
Chapter:10 revolt at carsino

Toogee OC 1 +Frames

Credits: animation by ririk
And portrait made by Toogee
Light blade icon made by Purple
Shield lance made by Beansy

Growth Rates (Max 430%):
Base level 1 prepromote
10 con
7 mov

Personal Skill: charm

Level up skills (Up to 4):
5 charisma
7 insparation
10 paragon
15 slayer

(+4 and -4)

Inventory (Up to 4 items, no stat boosters)
Shield lance
Light blade
Guiding ring

Description:paladin from jungral hired by princess of freila

Other (Optional):
Here animation

Stats caps
60 Hp
25 str
30 luck
25 def
26 res

Weak to armor and horse effective wepons
Thoes numbers in brackets are her base stats
Wepon ranks A in swords c in lances and staffes

And about her recrutment i want (if possible ) her start with innes group as green unit with healer AI
Recruit with innes replecment

And thoes wepons
Shield lance
{Beansy} Steel GreatLance
8 Mt 80 hit 0 crit 8 weight 1 range 2 wexp c rank 30 uses
Grants 3 def and provoke)
Let her start with lance equiped becuse Tethys replecment has life and death and with his low def he can be one shoted by balista
And light Blade
{Purple} Falchion
(12mt 90 hit 5 crit 1-2 range 60 uses a rank 10 weight
Grants 10 luck uses magic to attack grants no wepon exp so you can still get s rank in lances becuse there way to many sword users Has range animation of divine)
Yes i just combination of fe 4 and fe 5 light brand but her class if walking fe4 refrence so there no point of hide thinks(exept armor weakness)
I forgot map animation


Who needs free time when you have sprite time. Ded.
Here be zombies! (Zombie dragon, but semantics).

As per usual, Feardorcha uses the ‘mug exceed’ patch, this time only one for her unbroken horn.

Tile 1 - X: 6, Y: 254

Three PME characters left…