Awfully long introduction

Hey there, I guess it’s time to introduce myself.

I am HeartHero but you can call me Chris. Like so many other people here I come from Germany.
Special greetings to everyone I already know - took me long enough to finally register an account. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway here I am ready to tell you my story. I have one of the content heaviest FE-channels with around 1000 videos just about FE but everything is german so it’s probably not the content you are looking for. In my playthroughs I try to challenge myself with the highest difficulties but I also try to explain my steps carefully and give advice to those who usually don’t play on higher difficulties. I like to motivate people and try to establish a balance between casual & core gamers. As a result my community is more or less a place where everyone learns from each other and I am proud of my work.

However I also love to hack when I have time to do so. For example years ago I translated the japanese festival DLCs from Fire Emblem Fates to german and injected them into an EU rom. I translated games like Undertale or Fire Emblem 12 to german and made a lot of translation tools for other people. Analyzing data, understanding pointers and writing software to work with certain game formats is something that gets me excited - It’s like a beautfiul abstract puzzle to me.

I like to help with stuff like this when it’s possible. But since I have tons of other work to do each day I don’t have that much time to invest into hacking. Especially due to my last semester in studying informatics.

Thinking about how I got into FE hacking it’s probably because I wanted to translate FE12 and stumbled upon Nintenlords work. I was fascinated by his tools and started analyzing data with a hex editor a short while after. Although it took a while until it “clicked” I am grateful for the inspiration. Shout-out to Nintenlord.

Ironically though I am a newbie when it comes to hacking GBA FE. DS and 3DS hacking is where I really shine. (and converting game data for modern database-systems, since I am working on an own fire emblem site)

Now it’s time to end my awfully long introduction. (I am just terrible when it comes to the sake of brevity)
Thank you for reading and thank you for creating so many awesome projects - This is a truly unique place and I am grateful to be able to contribute to it as well.

Have a nice day!


Too bad I don’t understand German. Your community sounds pretty fun.

Welcome! Best of luck with your ventures into GBA

Nice to meet you!

Welcome! Glad to have you :grinning:

Welcome to FEU.

You have quite the backstory, an interesting one. You seem to have some hacking skill, though with different engines. Feel free to ask any questions or share your ideas and opinions here.
I am sure you will enjoy your stay here. Have fun.:upside_down_face:

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