Awful Emblem - Complete Act 1 Demo

Thoroughly enjoyed this hack. There were a few spelling and grammar errors (which I’ll put in Discord), and a few QoL hacks that I found myself sorely missing, but overall, it was very fun.


Solid lord. Good enough speed to double things, tanky enough to take a blow. Well, physical blows, at least. The slide back on her animation seems a bit fast.

Deleter of Things. He seemed to gain exp faster than my other units (probably has class coefficient of 2, while others have 3), and boy oh boy did he put work in. He did die to a combination of unlucky hits (3 ~30 shots) and poison (had 3 hp left and got hit for a 3) on 5x, but he got better.

FE8-Awful_Emblem_05 FE8-Awful_Emblem_06
The next best units after Rowan. In fact, June might be even better at his level. Gave Angus the speedwing, which he used to hit things hard twice.

FE8-Awful_Emblem_02 FE8-Awful_Emblem_13
Melanie…may have gotten some favoritism? Just a bit? Like, a dracoshield, angelic robe, and energy ring? Definitely worth it, though. Didn’t have Cassandra for very long, but she looks like she would be a very good unit.

FE8-Awful_Emblem_03 FE8-Awful_Emblem_07

The healbots. Beatrice got magic blessed, I think; she’d be a solid unit when she promotes. Niccolo chipped occasionally (and killed Poison Claw!Baels on ch 8), but otherwise didn’t do much. Good unit in a pinch, though.


Thief.png. Pretty bad speed growth for a thief, but she has a solid base. I normally like and train thieves, but as soon as I saw Cassandra, I felt Kate was going to be on lockpick/bench duty.

FE8-Awful_Emblem_09 FE8-Awful_Emblem_15

I tried. They weren’t awful units, and they were good for chipping, but they weren’t spectacular compared to June and Rowan, so I didn’t use them as much as I wanted to (I like shamans).

Did knighty things, like not take damage when people took offense to his face. He might look like a potato in a suit in armor, but he’s a tanky potato in a suit of armor. Benched as soon as I got Sigmund.


Another unit I tried to raise and failed. I really like archers. I like early-game longbows. I like buffed early-game longbows. But she got 1 speed and no strength in 4 levels, and I decided that would not do. Brought her out to use the ballista in ch6, and she barely damaged anything. Pretty sure she got screwed.

Didn’t really use the other units. Was intrigued at Selia being a mage tank instead of a physical tank, but I had Melanie, who was better in all ways. I used Martin for a while early on before June proved to be better. Clover got a couple of kills, but I’m not a fan of myrmidons.