Awakening Character Hacking

I’m having a hard time finding the character section inside Awakening’s data. I’ve found classes, and items and have been able to make changes to them so far, but no luck with characters. I’ve tried searching for their bases and max stat modifiers, but no luck. I’ve only looked inside the decompressed GameData file. Where do characters begin if they’re even in the GameData file?

Taking this from the SF Post ( According to the thread title, you’ll need nightmare. Also, if you’re interested in hacking Awakening, I’d go to Serenes as more of the hackers there are concerned with 3DS FE Hacking than here.

They’re under static.bin.lz(you’ll need FEAT to extract/recompress it first) under data/person/, and you can use FE Fates Editor to edit the data there.