Audamorze Class

If you are aware of the Fire Emblem Manga if you want to you could search for a character known as Audamorze. Unlike some characters in the manga who have official classes and bases, Audamorze those not have these. I am currently creating a room hack based on the story of the manga. Now I ask you after searching Audamorze to please suggest any class he might possibly be.
Thank You
(it is not a one to one recreation, it’s more like I’m using characters and plot points to build my story)


dark swordmaster but with a skull

wait no he’s a dragon whoops, i was thinking about magough

I looked in the FE Wiki and I think a class similar to Demon Dragon would fit I guess. It really depends on which point of the story he will be fought, and you can make some custom class based on his human form if needed.