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My man.



how in the holy hell is Alm beating Marth? I knew Alm would probably be #2, but I figured the Marth was too strong


If no brave Eliwood…Mythical Eliwood then??


Marth has 2 alts, Alm doesn’t have any and fans has been requesting an alt for him.


So, something like this for Alm?



Celica has her FE2 outfit for the Brave alt, it’s most likely that Alm will get his old outfit too.


Or his Dread Fighter outfit from Awakening


I think I’ll take the dread fighter look
over the original look

Despite the fact that they may go for the original look


Yeah I knew that (heck I’m already on Team Alm), but I figured no one could beat Marth with his merged votes.


Everyone loves fe2 Alm’s dong armour!


I know
I do to but dread fighter is one of my favorite classes in the series


If there’s one thing I have to worry about, it’s both Alm AND Micaiah winning a spot. It’s a tough choice for me.
But being real for a second here, there’s only going to be an open #2 spot for females for two obvious reasons


Genealogy, go! We need the power of Holsety to obliterate everything even more, a dumb Forging Bonds conversation about the merits of gold axes and silver axes, Celice to get his actual waifu dammit I’ve made ragefest jokes about it, prove bookofholsety right about Fury/Erin/blah once and for all, 'stache man to do his cool Jeigan thing complete with the moustache, take the Balmung to powercreep his aunt plus all the other crummy sword ladies, and somehow turn the worst unit of FE4 into the best in FEH because of magical armour skills. Who’s with me?


Wheres sigurd?


Sigurd’s already in the game. Sety, Lex, etc. are not. I want my new units.


Would like more genealogy characters in this game