Attention everyone!


I want everyone to make a contribution with me on the choose your legends ballot

I want everyone (even if you don’t play heroes ) to vote for the Brigand boss

We may be able to get him in heroes if we all band together

Here’s the link to it:





Attention all Fire Emblem Heroes gamers, Adamminn needs your help. He needs people, if they don’t play heroes, to epically vote for brigand boss. To do that he’s going to need some other users, a link to the CYL page, and cooperation. If you want to help, he needs your credit card number, the expiration date, and the security code, but you have to be quick, or else time will run out.




You’re a bit late to the party, 2 Choose Your Legends late, it’d seem


I didn’t really care for it back then


I’m sorry but i just get the fort mangs role and to get it i need to vote for Louise 7 times




Sorry, already voted for Camus


Voted for Lex #FireEmblemCannonAxeCavs


What no

Vote for the legendary Batta the Beast


This. Batta deserves to be in the game and go completely unused.


boycott intelligent systems for ignoring the demands of the fans and not including the last promise as an available option
smh :triumph::triumph::triumph:


What we need is a Sword Hector to fight It out with Ike for best sword unit :rofl:


Me, an intellectual

The Truth

I voted Brigand Boss day 1. The rest are going to Haar and Alm.


I made my choice.

Lolis for life.


Until death do us part


I didn’t choose the Brigand Boss life, the Brigand Boss life chose me.



Hello officer, yes this post right here.