AthenaBaer's Binding Blade PME Re:Write (Submissions Closed, Patch Out)

Me neither, lol :laughing: I only know our boy as the 2HKO-ing Mercenary-esque Cavalier (since Mercs have four base Defense like Hosea) who tramples everyone and everything on Normal Mode like the god he is :sunglasses::sparkling_heart: Besides, I think the choices you ended up making were the right ones anyways since unlike Archers, Cavaliers, you know, have actual class stats and stuff, so every other stat would just be better than before regardless of what boon or bane he had :two_hearts: So yeah, in conclusion, #HoseaForever 🩡❀️

(Also, we’ve crossed 200 replies :partying_face: Not that it matters much, but it’s fun, so yeah :upside_down_face:)

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